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Established in 2017, Space Home Staging is a full-service staging company based in Walpole, MA. We work with realtors and homeowners to prepare a property for market and to maximize the value of their home. Our consultants know how to highlight a home's features and create value in spaces that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The SHS warehouse is filled with furniture, décor and artwork. We can bring as little or as much as needed, working with clients' existing pieces or staging an empty home, and we do all the heavy lifting. Flexibility is key, and we strive to work with every home owner in a way that makes sense for them and their lifestyle.

Space Home Staging services areas from the North Shore to the South Shore, Worcester in to Metro West & South to Rhode Island.


Kim André, owner of Space Home Staging, was born and raised just outside of London, England. Her keen eye for design has developed throughout her traveling career. She has assisted with private yacht refurbishments, designed events for Boston socialites and learnt about fabric and textures in Istanbul's markets. 


Kim is goal oriented, committed to achieving the objective for both homeowners and realtors, and dedicated to providing excellent and compassionate customer service.

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