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With over 90% of buyers searching online for their new home, it's crucial that your property looks fantastic. If it doesn't, in less than a second the potential buyer will scroll to the next listing. 

In one site visit, Space Home Staging will review the property, paying particular attention to colors, flow and feel, to ensure your home shines when it goes on the market. Importantly, we consider the property location and anticipated buyer, whether the property is in a family-friendly neighborhood or a retirement community, a rural area or downtown hub.


We work with empty properties, new construction and occupied homes in different ways, but always with the goal of maximizing your sale price and minimizing time on the market. 


We understand that many sellers will be living in their home while it's on the market, so we offer creative ideas that work for their schedule and lifestyles, and to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the process. We can work with a mixture of the home-owners pieces supplemented with some from our warehouse to enhance the space, or we can bring everything.


If you've already moved to your new home, if you're currently out of town or if you're handling an estate sale, the team Space Home Staging can assist with all aspects of preparing the property for market. Our staging will transform the space. We' can also connect you with reliable movers, storage companies, painters, cleaners and junk/donation companies - everything that's needed before coming in to stage. 


Staging new construction allows buyers to envision the space as a home, eliminating the cold feel of an empty space. We work with house flippers and developers throughout the process.

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