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Home staging is an important tool when preparing your home for market. With great flow, less clutter, appealing color palettes and thoughtful use of space, home staging will reward you with multiple offers at higher prices and in less time. It makes your property stand out as buyers search online, and when they visit, staging brings a neutral comfort to each room, allowing them to envision the house as a home. In vacant homes and new construction, staging brings warmth and softness to an otherwise cold, empty property. Home Staging is no longer considered an option in the Boston area, and without it you're leaving money on the table; staged homes sell for between 6% and 16% more than un-staged properties.


Space Home Staging works with home owners, realtors and contractors, offering flexible staging options based on needs. We understand that many sellers will be living in their home while it's on the market, so we offer creative ideas that work for their schedule and lifestyles. And we also know that realtors may have to get properties on the market quickly, so we make ourselves available to meet their needs.

What to Expect:

All services start with a site visit, allowing us to assess the unique needs of the job. Staging estimates are typically sent out within 48 hours and we encourage you to review them as soon as possible, particularly in the busiest spring and fall seasons. Staging day is coordinated with the home owner and realtor, usually the day before photos. We keep in regular contact with your realtor throughout the process, and de-staging is, again, a coordinated event. Market-ready checklists are sent out within 48 hours of a site visit. 

Scituate Space Home Staging

Our team can bring everything or supplement existing pieces with some from our warehouse. Offering this flexibility allows us to meet each client's needs and budget. LEARN MORE

Westwood Space Home Staging Westwood

A 1- to 2-hour consultation allows us to provide home owners with a comprehensive checklist of things they can do to get market ready. LEARN MORE

Space Home Staging Marlborough

We arrive the day before photos and touch every room, ensuring each space shows at its best while using only the home owners' existing pieces. LEARN MORE

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